Your First Counselling Session

Although it's been years and years since I first ever went to counselling, I still wonder about the resources that are on the internet about it and how responsible they are. I remember finally being referred and the sense of relief that came with it. I was being sent for five measly sessions on the NHS … Continue reading Your First Counselling Session

How I Knew I Loved Myself

I think for a year now I have realised that I do, truly, love myself. After years of deep self loathing, I have finally been lit up by the glow of recovery. I can't really remember how it started to happen, I just remember suddenly feeling like it sort of had. Since I was really … Continue reading How I Knew I Loved Myself


A few months ago, I did not know what Affirmations were. I had believed in the whole 'be positive and it will happen' mindset and the ever famous The Secret but didn't really delve enough to know that there was a name for all this. Google defines affirmations as the verb: to state emphatically or publicly which … Continue reading Affirmations